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Massawa – communication and cooperation in projects
Massawa – communication and cooperation in projects
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Massawa – communication and cooperation in projects

isaga2014In 2007, the Project Management Institute considered Massawa as the world’s best training in project management (PMI Award 2007).

In 2014 ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association) selected Massawa as the best interactive workshop.

Massawa was organized for over 3000 participants in many countries.

See video clip of Massawa:

Massawa simulates the realization of a complex construction (the participants build with several thousand Lego bricks). This project, however, is a background to simulate processes of communication and cooperation in a project team. The participants quickly forget that they are in a training room and they quickly take on the roles and attitudes they represent everyday in projects. Due to the fact that this is only a game, it is easier to distance oneself from mistakes and draw serious conclusions.

The Massawa training is a tool for any company whose development is based on project work. The need for effective project management is the ground to use the workshop to change attitudes and competence of participants in the game. The main aspect is to acquaint participants with the principles and methodological possibilities of working with projects in a practical manner. It is primarily a change in attitude of staff towards the procedures and methodologies of project management. It helps the project working methods and a full range of methodological and organizational issues created by a company to become part of each project team member’s work. Communication in the project and interpersonal aspects of work are crucial in each project team. For these reasons the development of these competences can be the key to the success of many projects.

The training also increases motivation of people for better cooperation and communication in projects using more standarized approach.

The Massawa training consists of the following modules:

  1. Business simulation
  2. Lecture
  3. Workshops

Simulated reality

When Commander Edward Ellsberg took over command of the ravaged port of Massawa in Eritrea, he did not suspected that this project would be such a challenge, and at the same time will become a turning point in his military career and give him a promotion to admiral.

The hottest place on Earth (over 40 C), with terrifying humidity, where even the locals have to take breaks from work at noon. Multi-national, linguistic and cultural group. Destroyed entire infrastructure of the port and stolen tools. The upcoming German forces and the lack of cooperation with American military administration. All these elements made ​​the Massawa became history.

Organisational issues

The training is targeted to a wide audience. Depending on the tasks carried out by the participants it will realize specific goals. The participants can be either a group of unrelated persons, as well as project teams. In this case, the result of the training is the team spirit building and integration of the team.

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Massawa – communication and cooperation in projects
1-2 days
Training group:
Parallel training groups:


  • Increase of motivation to cooperate in projects
  • Increase of awareness of the role of projects for organizations, and knowledge about the direction organizational development
  • Experience the benefits of establishing order in project management, or experience chaos associated with lack of proper project management methodology
  • Acquisition of the basic concepts of project management, such as: the scope, cost, schedule, WBS, quality, change, sponsor, risk, etc.
  • Knowledge of project life cycle and the impact of change, risk, shareholders, profit, cost of the project at various stages
  • Learn and practice project management techniques: map process milestones trends, current planning, the management by observing deviations

Main topics

  • Communication in projects
  • Project processes
  • Roles in projects
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Planning and tracking the implementation of the project (milestones)
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Project Management Methodology

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If you want us to conduct a training or just talk about it.

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